Weather & Tides of the Florida Keys

The tropical weather of the Florida Keys is what draws many people to the string of islands. Florida experiences beautiful weather and warm temperatures year-round. Being so close to the equator, residents typically experience an average high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Spend long days at the beach, scuba diving under the sea, or fishing on a charter boat.

As the islands tend to fall between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, they get sea breezes from all sides. While the weather may be sultry, the cool breezes make the temperature nearly perfect. In fact, year-round temperatures in the Florida Keys rarely vary more than 14 degrees, even in the winter.

Tides can alter in Florida, depending on the time of the year. Seasonally, you can expect higher tides. However, during low tide some waterways nearly dry up. Want to experience the breezy warm weather of the Florida Keys for yourself? Search our listing of real estate properties or contact one of our real estate agents to see what’s available.

Florida Keys Tide Charts